ONfinity CM2 Portable Interactive Whiteboard (IWB) System


CM2, The Ultimate Plug and Play IWB Solution For All Your Interactive Business and Teaching Presentations

ONfinity CM2 is a fully featured interactive whiteboard system which transforms any standard dry wipe whiteboard, flat surface (such as a wall), standard projection screen or plasma screen into an interactive whiteboard or touch screen without the use of a signal receiver attached to either projector or screen.
It is the perfect portable plug and play presentation solution for both education and professional use and comes in a black zipped pouch, small and light enough (500g) to pack in a briefcase!

CM2 Transforms Your Classroom/Boardroom Wall into a Huge Touch Screen up to 150"

Used with a PC and digital projector, all projected computer applications can be controlled from the wall/screen using either of the two E-pen models (stylus and extendable pointer) supplied in The Bookcase ONfinity Kit.These special E-pens either work in "pen" mode or "mouse" mode. All applications such as Work, Excel Power Point, HYML pages etc can be saved on the PC together with annotations as jpeg files ready for future review, printing or emailing. It is the only existing IWB system that supports interactivity on both hard and soft projection surfaces of any size up to an unrivalled 150" and which can be easily moved from room to room.

CM2 Sets up in a Matter of Minutes Enabling You to Give Exciting and Powerful Interactive Presentations Anywhere, Anytime

ONfinity CM2's superior and simple set up, its ease of use and portability, and most importantly its amazing value for money, make it the ideal interactive business presentation solution for business, education and professional use. Just follow the simple instructions enclosed in the box and bring any software application to life instantly:

a. Load CD onto computer (first time of use only)
b. Attach ONfinity to computer USB port
c. Attach computer to projector or plasma/LCD screen
d. Position the ONfinity unit so that the two red dots shine below the bottom corners of the projected image.
e. Callibrate the screen by touching the green dots with the E-pen.

CM2 From The Bookcase Comes With A Full Two Years Warranty.

All Bookcase ONfinity CM2 kits are guaranteed for a full two years from date of purchase.

CM2 FromThe Bookcase Comprises The Following:

• Ultra lightweight signal receiver with infrared optical detection technology (only 250g) and RS-232 to USB cable
• Two models of E-pen: stylus E-pen with pressure sensing AND extendable pointer E-pen (both with batteries)
• Angle adjustable tripod AND ceiling mounting bracket (with 20M cabling)
• Driver/software CD Rom (to install complete ONfinity software including virtual screen keyboard and annotation functions)
• Instruction Manual

CM2 Payment and Delivery Details:

The Bookcase ONfinity CM2 Kit (containing all of above - including BOTH styles of E-pen)

BD 320.000 (US $850)

Additional Stylus E-pens are available for BD 69.000 (US $184)

Shipping by air courier: BD 13.000 for 1 kit, plus BD 3.000 for each additional kit

CM2 Special Offers

For every 5 ONfinity CM2 kits purchased select up to £150.00 FREE SOFTWARE from the following companies:

Granada Learning (Black Cat, SEMERC and Granada Learning titles only) :
Nelson Thornes :
Hodder Murray :
Harcourt Education UK (Heinemann, Rigby and Ginn) :
Oxford University Press :
Longman (Pearson Education UK) :
Harper Collins :
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